Mustafa Nayyem will present “Real Action Initiative” in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

September 12, 2017 in Uzhgorod, at: Kapitulna st. 26, at 18:00, MP Mustafa Nayyem will present a public "Real Action Initiative". 

During the meeting, the main objectives of the Initiative will be discussed:

cancellation of parliamentary immunity;

adoption of the law on anticorruption court;

"Anticorruption repair map" – an instrument that will allow any Ukrainian to contribute to the fight against corruption. 

The primary goal of the "Real Action Initiative" is to mobilize people to conduct an all-Ukrainian campaign near the Verkhovna Rada demanding to cancel parliamentary immunity. The campaign will be held in the second half of October.  

During the meeting, the speakers will talk about the above-mentioned legislative and public initiatives and invite participants to the discussion. 

Mustafa Nayyem and the "Real Action Initiative" team are planning to meet with active city residents and youth in all regions of Ukraine and start with Uzhgorod.  

Media representatives are invited to participate in the event.  

For all questions, please contact Lysenko Mykyta (067 506 14 76,

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