Mushrooms, berries and birch sap will be subject to taxation

Picking mushrooms, berries, birch bark and sap in the woods of Khmelnytsky region is banned! Or, to be accurate, one will have to pay taxes for the collection of nature’s gifts. Members of the local regional council adopted the decision "On bidding fee for special use of forest resources of local importance."

 The purpose of this step, as explained by the council, is the noble impulse to save, ensure the reproduction of forests and rational intent to fill local budgets.

So a kilogram of hay – 0.01 UAH, woody herbs – 2 kop., forest stump – 6 kop. Tariffs on mushrooms: kilogram of edible boletus – 55 kopiykas, chanterelles – 50 kopiykas. Birch sap – 10 kopiykas / kg.

Villagers will also have to pay for grazing animals in the forest. Tariffs apply for the whole season for one animal: 20 UAH for cattle, 15 UAH for young cattle.

Control for the performance of the order will be carried out by Khmelnytsky Regional Forestry and Game Husbandry. Members of the regional council explained that it is applied not to the products collected for personal use, but only to that intended for sale. However, how to distinguish between one and the other is not very clear.

 Source: obozrevatel.

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