Muses of Bela Bartok (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Stefi Geyer was a violinist and also the first love of Bela Viktor János Bartók known composer and pianist. He even proposed to this girl. But she refused him, which caused the young artist deep depression. He would not sleep and eat, and music was his only joy.

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He translated his then mood into his first violin concerto, where the melody is gentle, touching and very sad.

Ironically, the next love of Bartok looked very much like the first one. Her name was Martha Ziegler, daughter of the Chief Inspector of Budapest police. She was Bartok’s student, and then became his wife.  

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They got married when she was 16, and a year later Martha gave birth to their first child, Bela junior. This happy event occurred on August 22, 1910.

In addition to family comfort, she also became his loyal assistant in collecting and processing numerous ethnographic materials, which he would bring from his musical expeditions. He dedicated to her his first opera "Duke Bluebeard Castle", this piece was more passionate and mature like the musician himself.


Unfortunately, this relationship did not last long, in 1923 the couple divorced because of a new love of Bela Bartok.

To be continued…

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