Mukachivska street in Uzhgorod has been repaired, but only partially

As reported, the renovated Mukachivska street in Uzhgorod is opened for traffic. But for now the long-awaited and long lasting repairs is only half completed. Only the roadbed has been reconstructed, while the sidewalks have not yet been repaired. So now the roadway level is significantly higher than the level of the curb. It means that when the first rains fall, all the water from the roadway will flow to and accumulate on the sidewalks.

Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov in the comments to one of the online resources stated that sidewalks will soon be repaired too. However, when the works on improvement of sidewalks will begin, is currently unknown, but given how much time had passed before repair started, looming prospects are not very optimistic.

Also, the mayor promised that sidewalks will look the same, but if so what to do with those segments that are already paved with assorted tiles by entrepreneurs?   It is also unclear who and how should fix up the spaces between the sidewalk and the street, which now do not look very pleasant.


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