Mukachevo writers will present their works in Uzhgorod

On November 9, 2017, at 17:00,  the presentation of the Mukachevo Literary Association "Mother Tongue" will take place in the Transarpathian Regional Scientific Library (Svoboda Ave., 16).

   The "Mother Tongue" was founded in 2000. It became the successor to the well-known in the region association "Flame", which gave Transcarpathian literature such well-lnown names as Yuriy Meihesh, Dmytro Keshelya, Mykola Matola, Luka Demyan, Vasyl Hreba, Vasyl Pahyrya, Ivan Chopey, Victor Dvornichenko, Yosyp Zhupan, Anna Zhigarevich and many others. 

Members of the "Mother Tongue" write and read in many languages ​​of the world, many of the poets belong to different ethnic cultures. The first chairman of the "Mother Tongue" was Yaroslav Sich (2001-2005), later it was headed by a poet, winner of the Yuriy Meihesh Municipal Literary Prize Mykhailo Shushkevych (2005-2016). In 2017, Tetyana Rybar – writer, a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine – became the chairwoman of the association. Since its foundation, the association has published 10 almanacs and more than 100 collections.

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