Mukachevo will be decorated

Several fountains and 7-meter bronze statue of Christ – at the press conference Mukachevo mayor told how the city will be decorated.  Zoltan Lendyel said that the center will be renovated, so near the City Hall several fountains will appear.

"Near the City Hall there is a monument to Cyril and Methodius, a cascading fountain will be there. The second fountain is already there, but it is old. There will be another fountain there."

According to the mayor, there are two designs for the new fountain – modern and classic with the image of St. Martin ( already reported about the festival in honor of the patron saint of the city). The mayor supports this option.

Zoltan Lendyel told that at the entrance of Mukachevo an observation deck and a monument to Jesus Christ up to 7 meters high will appear. 

Source: Zakarpattya online

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