Mukachevo suggests the solution to the problem in Uzhgorod

The Mayor Andriy Baloha appealed to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelian and the management of the region with a proposal to restore the airport "Uzhgorod", suggesting practical steps to solve the problem, the City Council of Mukachevo informs.

 "The termination of operations of the only existing airport in Transcarpathian region has a negative impact on the economy of the region and its tourist appeal. Unfortunately, the regional leadership for a long time now has been unable to positively resolve the issue. In order to create favorable conditions for economic development of Transcarpathia, to increase the number of tourists, we ask you to consider the transfer the ownership of the territory and property complex of the airport "Uzhgorod" to the city of Mukachevo.

The City Council of Mukachevo guarantees in the short term to resume flights to and from Transcarpathian region and maintain the airport in good condition," – the Mayor’s letter to the Minister reads.

Recall that the statement on the disastrous state of Uzhgorod airport was made in February this year, this year, UAH 800 thousand from the regional budget was allocated to the airport for the repair of the runway asphalt pavement, which is now underway.

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