Mukachevo made a stand against the Law ‘On Languages’

Town council deputies turned with the corresponding appeal to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on July 26. The text states that deputies cannot stay away from the national events and ‘hasty adoption of this law does not contribute to the consolidation of Ukrainian society, brings discord and leads to worsening of socio-political situation’.

Deputy of Party of Regions faction Ivan Chubirko urged not to vote for this issue, because ‘to sign or not to sign the bill is the President’s matter and we should not politicize this issue’. The deputy Eugenia Derkach was especially active in the dispute. She was indignant that anyone would even be against this appeal, because ‘we Ukrainians have to respect our native language.’ After the altercation the town Mayor jokingly continued his conversation in Hungarian and then put the question to the vote.

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