Mukachevo leads in the ranking of the healthiest cities of the country

One of the westernmost cities of Ukraine – Mukachevo turned out to be also the healthiest in the country. Here, in addition to mild climate and proximity to the protected Carpathian forests, low morbidity is enough ‘ambulance’ cars and places in the hospitals, informs ‘Fokus’.

The second place in the ranking took Ivano-Frankivsk and then Chernivtsi. The fourth and fifth places were taken by Khmelnytskyi and Rivne. In general the cities of Western Ukraine occupied half of the list. This is explained by especially favorable ecological situation and remoteness from major industrial regions. For these same reasons, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhya regions did not get into the ranking.

The top ten group also included Irpen (6th place), Kuznetsovsk (7th), Ternopil (8th), Brovary (9th) and Evpatoria (10th).

Feodosia turned out to be only on the 13th place. The best indicator is only in Bucha (11th place).

Record holder in terms of birth rate has become the regional center of Chernihiv region Nizhyn (14th place). There was born 15 babies per thousand inhabitants last year.

In addition Netishyn got 12th place, Chernigiv (16th), Slavutych (17th), Sumy (18th), Truskavets (19th) and Kamenets (20th). There is no metropolis in the ranking of the healthiest cities.

There is dense construction, a large number of transportations, industrial enterprises and exhaust gases that affect the environment. Moreover, there is a lack of doctors, hospitals and ambulances in the cities with a strong office life. 


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