Mukachevo is on bicycles

The event opened on Sunday with a mass bicycle marathon.

The main idea is to promote bicycle as an environmentally friendly and healthy way of transportation in the city.

In Sunday morning hundreds of citizens gathered to participate in the opening of the European Mobility Week, which runs 16 through 22 September. There were especially many young people and students.

Participants, including representatives of local authorities, started from the monument to Cyril and Methodius and did a circle around the city, breaking distance of 6 kilometers.

The Mobility Week continues, it provides a lot of activities in particular. On Saturday, September 22, action "I am without a car" will be held, during which Mukachevo city should be exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians. The next year they intend to provide in the city on Latorica two bicycle lanes, "Railway Station – Center" and "Center – Rosvyhovo neighborhood." Currently a draft project is being developed, and in the future – the organization of bicycle renting service to travel the city.


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