Mukachevo City and District Court acquitted drunkard judge Rotmistrenko (+VIDEO)

The court has finally made a decision in the high-profile case of the judge who was driving the car while being drunk.

This was reported by social activist Vitaly Gregor.

He writes:

Blind Justice. Drunkard judge Rotmistrenko de jure is "not guilty"…

This absurd verdict was rendered today by the "blind" Mukachevo justice. The presiding judge Nosov in his decision stated that since the 3-month period of the proceeding prescribed by law had expired, the case shall be closed.

And not a word about the determination of guilt of the offender, the alcohol content in whose blood exceeded the allowed level by 11 times, which is contrary to the logic of justice…

The decision may be challenged by the prosecutor’s office… But will they? Next week I will send them an appeal on this matter lest they "forget"…

The decision was likely to have been prepared before its adoption, since neither the offender nor his counsel attended the hearing…".

Here is a video on the subject.

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