Mukachevo case. To be continued?

Several appeals against the verdict in the Mukachevo case have been filed.

As you know, the court of the first instance gave its verdict in the high-profile "case of July 11th" – the shooting in the summer of 2015 involving representatives of the Right sector, people of a People’s Deputy Lanyo and law enforcement officers.

Only four members of the Right Sector were tried, and as a result of the lengthy, complicated and widely publicized litigation, the charges of serious crimes were withdrawn, and the time they had already spent in jail was counted as served sentences. Here is how it was.

However, it does not seem to be the end. Thus, the defense have filed their appeals to the verdict, because they stated at the very beginning that they would demand a fully acquittal verdict for the defendants. And so has the Prosecutor General’s Office, which immediately after the final court hearing declared that they considered the sentence "too lenient".

According to the lawyer, the appeal of the Prosecutor General’s Office is on 12 sheets. It looks like we should expect a new high-profile trial in court. So, to be continued…

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