Mukachevo case. Members of the RS officially are not terrorists

Another hearing in the high-profile "case of the shooting on July 11th" has finished in Mukachevo City and District Court.

The case concerns the incident, which occurred in July 2015 in Mukachevo involving members of the "Right Sector", people affiliated with MP Mykhailo Lanyo, and security forces. After the incident, four members of the Right Sector have been on trial.

Today, there was a fairly fundamental change in the case which has been going on for almost two years, The prosecutors once again had to hand over the suspects and the defense the indictment (which had been repeatedly returned to the prosecutors because of formal and material violations), and in the new indictment the defendants are exculpated from a particularly serious charge – committing a terrorist act.

During the meeting, the prosecutor said: "The prosecution came to the conclusion that there is no evidence of crimes under Articles 257 and 258 of the Criminal Code (terrorism and banditry)." 


The next hearing in the case is scheduled for May 29, when there will be the debates between the prosecution and the defense, and is worthy of public and media attention.


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