Mukachevo border guards once again stopped offenders with a warning shot (PHOTOS)

Enhanced measures of Ukrainian and Romanian border guards to detect and apprehend individuals, who try to organize illegal activity at the border, continue at the border with Romania.  Thus, last night, during a joint special operation "Frontier – 2016", border guards of the Mukachevo Detachment prevented two attempts of cogarette smuggling across the border.

At the checkpoint "Dyakove", while checking persons and vehicles leaving Ukraine, border guards found a car "Volkswagen" driven by a Romanian citizen. During the in-depth inspection of the said car, border guards together with a customs inspector found 450 packs of tobacco products.  The cigarettes were detected by a sniffer dog Casper. The foreigner tried to carry the cigarettes across the border by hiding them in the space between decorative paneling and ceiling of his car, in the hollows of the luggage compartment door and a spare tire.  The tobacco products that were estimated at almost 6,000 UAH and the car estimated at 57,623 UAH were seized according to the law.

Another attempted cigarette smuggling across the border was prevented by border guards of the department "Bogdan". While monitoring the area adjacent to the border, Green Berets found a group of unknown persons who tried to escape upon seeing the border guards. But 10 meters to the border, the border guards detained the offenders who were carrying a package of tobacco products.  The men, who identified themselves as Romanian citizens, had no documents and told that the cigarettes had been brought to them by a citizen of Ukraine who promised to bring more. In the course of search operations, border guards found another man who tried to escape, but when he heard a warning shot up, he stopped. The detainee was our compatriot, a resident of Rakhiv district. Soon, the response team, that immediately arrived at the scene, arrested two more local residents. All the detainees were taken to the border guard unit for preparation of procedural documents and establishing of the circumstances of the offense. 


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