“Mowgli” was shown In Uzhgorod (photo)

Today, January 20, in the Transcarpathian Regional State Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater they again showed the children play "Mowgli", which premiered late last year. Transcarpathian theater turned Kipling’s tale into a musical with songs and dances. Only the characters remained the same: Baloo the chunky bear, Bagheera the graceful panther, Shere Khan the evil tiger, and of course, Mowgli the boy, who in the musical, however, is quite a grown-up young man.

Overall, kids pretty much liked the one-act play, they were laughing and "chasing" Shere Khan during the performance. For adult audience, the theater prepared for today another play – "Courting on Honcharivka." The beginning is at 18:00 

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