Mountains of Transcarpathia are beautiful, but not safe!

January 12 at 13:30 it was reported about an avalanche on the Hemba mountain in Mizhhirya district. The avalanche injured two people: a citizen born in 1986, resident of Poltava, the identity of the second person is being established. 1 unit of equipment, 8 rescuers and 6 people of the local population were involved to conduct search operations.

As of 01/13/13, the search continues. 

 Condition of travel on roads and passes in Transcarpathian region, according to TD of MOE.

Temperatures at passes: Latirsky (-7 °), Abransky (-7 °), Yablunetsky (-7 °), Užocký (-9 °), Torunsky (-9 °). The surface of roads is partly covered with snow, partly – with snowy mess, the travel is possible.
The roads of the state, regional and local importance are partly covered with snow, the travel is possible.
From 10 to 13 January 2013, 17 cars were towed to provide travel and prevent traffic jams on the roads of the region. 12 vehicles and 54 employees of TD of MOE were involved in the works.

 Source: Chas Zakarpattya

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