Mountains do not forgive mistakes: a tourist was killed in a snow avalanche in Rakhiv district

On Saturday (25 January), in the evening, in Rakhiv district (Transcarpathian region), three 28-year-old residents of Kyiv, who hiking near the Mount Stig, were hit by a snow avalanche. Two men managed to free themselves from under the snow, the third one, unfortunately, died.
Before climbing the mountain, the men contacted the rescuers and asked how safe this route was, – Hennadiy Moskal said. – They were advised against going.

Despite the warning, all three decided to go to the mountains. 

While descending, they were hit by an avalanche. One of the men managed to get out from under the snow and helped to dig out his friend. After that, both of them dug out the third one. Unfortunately, the young man suffocated under the snow and died. The man had to spend the night with their dead friend in the tent, only in the morning they were able to contact the emergency rescue squad. Leaving the body there, both made their way to the resort and met the rescuers half-way.

Now they are in safety, together with the rescue group, they returned to the avalanche site to find the body of their friend. The regional state administration sends sincere condolences to the friends and families of the deceased…
The skiing season the Carpathians is in full swing, and we once again ask tourists to be as cautious as possible and to follow the recommendations of rescuers. Mountains do not forgive mistakes.

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