Most of pedestrian crossings in Uzhgorod do not meet standards

Employees of the Road Safety Sector of the Patrol Police Office in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo studied the issues of unimpeded access for persons with disabilities to the facilities of public purpose, transport infrastructure, road service, transportation, information and communication.

The study showed that the majority of pedestrian crossings do not meet state standards.
The requirements for height of curbs on public transport stops are not met, there are no contrasting and tactile elements for guidance and warning for people with visual impairments. It should be noted that it is almost impossible for people with limited mobility to get into the vehicles on their own.

The issue of parking space for drivers with disabilities is unresolved. 
For information, currently more than 6,000 people with disabilities are registered in Uzhgorod who need appropriate conditions for unhindered movement.

In addition, such problems as the lack of ramps at the entrance to public facilities and excessively high curbs are relevant to several thousand mothers who daily face the challenge of crossing carriageways and lack of ramps at the premises of medical, trade, educational, sports, culture and leisure institutions.

The information about the survey results and suggestions for improvement will be sent to Uzhgorod city council.
We hope for a quick consideration and a positive response from local authorities.

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