Moskal suggests Groysman to send to Avdiyivka railway cars with the “detained” wood

Hennadiy Moskal appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman asking to give the State Agency of Forest Resources an urgent order to send to freezing Avdiyivka about two hundred cars with wood from Transcarpathia.
The head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration reminded that during the last year forestries from all over Ukraine tried to export a huge amount of wood to the EU under the guise of firewood. Those shipments were stopped at the border.

Experts found out that that was technological, and in many cases even commercial timber, which is prohibited for export. However, the State Agency of Forest Resources, instead of using the wood for the domestic market, filed 39 lawsuits, trying to let the timber to the EU. Now warehouses in Transcarpathia are crammed with the detained "firewood", in total about two hundred rail cars!
  – Therefore, I suggest to immediately send to Avdiyivka the wood from Transcarpathia which is not arrested by the court and is not an evidence in criminal proceedings (and that’s a lot of wood). It is a job of government agencies, not volunteers. Some of the wood can be used by our soldiers for the construction of fortifications and heating.

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