Moskal invites deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from Transcarpathia to discuss the problem of cars with foreign registration

On Wednesday (November 28th), there will be a meeting of the regional state administration and representatives of the owners of cars with foreign registration with the people’s deputies of Ukraine from Transcarpathian region to discuss the possibility of amending the adopted law on the legalization of vehicles with foreign registration.
Yesterday, after the meeting with the car owners, we sent invitations to the ten MPs from Transcarpathia: three brothers Baloga, Vasyl Brenzovych, Robert Horvat, Ivan Krulko, Mykhailo Lanyo, Valeriy Lunchchenko, Vasyl Petyovka, Yuri Chizhmar and Nestor Shufrych, – Hennadiy Moskal said. – We want to solve the problem in a legal way without street protests and blocking of the borders. The regional administration, within its powers, is trying to resolve this complex issue, but without the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine it is impossible to do this. Therefore, we are expecting the deputies in the regional state administration tomorrow at 10.00.

Source: Novyny Zakarpattya


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