Moskal harshly commented on another “sensation” about separatism in Transcarpathia

     The statement of the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration about another "sensation" about separatism in Transcarpathia:

– Accidentally, on the Internet I came across the "reflections" of children’s writer and public figure Larysa Nitsoy, who wrote such horrors about Transcarpathia that if I had hair on my head, it would have stood on end! Here are some of the statements: "In Transcarpathia, two-thirds of graduates of Hungarian-language schools do not speak Ukrainian," "A friend recently visited Transcarpathia and wanted to check-in in a hotel, and the staff did not understand Ukrainian language," "People are ready to integrate into Hungarian society any minute", "The Hungarian government pays Ukrainian parents two thousand hryvnia for each student, and Ukrainians prefer Hungarian-language schools," "The local community dream about Hungary" and so on and so forth. And the conclusion is: "If we let the situation take its course, the question of separation of Transcarpathia may be raised already in three years!"

It’s hard to imagine how such horrors could arise in the mind of the "children’s writer and public figure," but just in case I will say this.
First – come to Transcarpathia in person and talk to graduates of schools for national minorities (not only Hungarian but also Romanian, Slovak, German, Czech, Roma, etc.). And you will see that they all speak Ukrainian, and better than many MPs, who sit in Kyiv, work in the highest legislative body of the country and do not speak Ukrainian at all!
Second – explain to your friend, who allegedly could not check in into a hotel (although it is likely a lie), that in Transcarpathia, people speak very archaic and colorful dialects of Ukrainian languages. People speak differently even in neighbouring villages. And there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary – local dialects should be preserved and used at the national level.     

Third – the people, who wanted to integrate into Hungarian society, moved from Transcarpathia to Hungary bck in mid 1990s. And those people, who have stayed here, want to live in Ukraine. You should come to Transcarpathia and talk to them about it.

Fourth – Hungarian government indeed support their national minority financially. This is a worldwide practice and depends on the financial resources of the countries and willingness of their governments.

And finally – I am tired of refuting nonsense from various Russian intelligence services, as well as some of our "social activists", who invent outright lies about separatism in Transcarpathia!

I declare that the so-called Transcarpathian separatism exists only outside Transcarpathia, specifically – in the minds of people, who are cut off from reality, make up various horror stories and believe in them.

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