Moskal asks to investigate offenses in the forest industry

Hennadiy Moskal appealed to the heads of the regional departments of the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Police, the Economy Crime and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Transcarpathian region to check the facts reported in the special programme on the "Ukraina" TV channel on offenses in the forest industry of Transcarpathia. In addition, the head of the Regional State Administration asks the heads of the law enforcement agencies of the region to check the legality of the actions of law enforcement officers in Tyachiv district, which were reported to in the appeal of Vasyl Kutsyn, a deputy of the Transcarpathian Regional Council. H.Moskal asks to inform the deputies of the regional council, mass media and the public about the results of the investigation at the session of the regional council on June 7 this year.


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