More than one hundred cyclists rode across night Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

The Night Ride participants – people of all ages and different weight categories – united for the sake of several important social goals. Firstly, they are for the ecology preservation, and bike is the best environmental transport. Secondly, the roads should be lightened for the sake of Uzhgorod cyclists and pedestrians’ safety. Thirdly, we need special bicycle paths for the complete harmony. There is only one of them, but it does not cause any respect among the drivers.

‘Our rout will be across the historic center of Uzhgorod, we drive to “Novyi Rayon”, where the roads are repaired, then – Uzhgorod castle and again on the Teatralna Square. We wish that there were less interference: darkness, open manholes and high curbs’, – said the Night Ride organizer Viktoriia Munchak.

The number of those willing to support the youth impulse is growing every year, convince the organizers. ‘Night Riders’ have already began actively defend their rights in front of Uzhgorod government. The first point is the bicycle paths’ organization for the sake of cyclists’ safety and increase of the traffic culture. 


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