More than 300 kilograms of amber were found by customs officer in the fuel tanks of a truck (PHOTOS)

As previously reported, at the customs post "Dyakove" of the Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service, inspectors, together with employees of the Mukachevo border guard detachment, conducted an in-depth inspection of a truck Renault, in which a Transcarpathian tried to smuggle the precious stone abroad. Observant inspectors and border guards noticed unusual seams and fastenings on fuel tanks.

After dismantling, it was found out that 250-liter barrels welded to gas tanks contained several bags of untreated amber. Thus, 202.95 kg was hidden in the first tank, and 113.90 kg in the other one. In total – 316.85 kg. Currently, customs officers have drawn up a report under Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. 

  Press service of the Transcarpathian customs


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