More than 3 thousand Transcarpathians are suffering from flue and cold

According to the head of the department for epidemiological control (monitoring) of infectious diseases of the "Transcarpathian Regional Laboratory Center of the MoH of Ukraine" Victoria Tymchyk, over the past week, 3,203 people in the region sought medical advice about the signs of acute respiratory infection, the incidence is 254.28 per 100 thousand people, which is 5,14% lower than the set epidemic threshold. The incidence is typical for this season and is at the level of the same period last season (246.59).

The highest incidence of ARVI was recorded in the city of Uzhgorod – 639.85, the lowest – in Rakhiv district – 32.35 per 100 thousand people.

Most of the patients were children under the age of 17 – 2200 cases (68.6% of all patients). Last week’s vulnerable categories among children were the age groups of 0 to 4 and 5 to 14 years old.

The number of persons hospitalized on account of respiratory infections in comparison with the previous week decreased from 151 to 140, indicating a predominantly mild severity of ARI.

Monitoring over the progress of the epidemic situation in the region continues.

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