More than 200 bike riders raced Uzhgorod

The evening mass cycling race ‘Night Ride’ gathered more than two hundred cyclists for the third year in a row. The tumultuous bike show was held along the wall of Uzhgorod Philharmonic, even old ladies followed attentively after everything that was happening on the Fentsyka Square from their balconies. As long as DJ GeloFUNK played, bmxers jumped the ramp and organizers held briefings for cyclist. The participants of the Night Ride received the route and rules on the information flyer.

At first riders set out from the Theatre Square towards Korzo Street, from there – to the Bozdosh Park and then to the regional TV and Radio Company. All agreed to meet under the shed of the regional music theatre of drama when it started to rain. They played prizes in the lottery when the weather became a little bit better. Riders got flashlights, bags, seats, and enamored ‘wheels’ received mugs and photo session as a gift. There were fireworks display, mineral water for free, and a great mood with which everyone went to ride in the evening. Somebody felt cold and got wet and went in pub or home to warm up, and somebody has been driving until dawn.

‘Such events are extremely important for our city in order to raise the riding culture of not only the riders themselves but all Uzhgorod citizens. We are popularizing a healthy, useful and interesting way of life, we are working hard in order to become a bicycle capital of the country – said the event organizer Vita Munchak. However, the necessary conditions for racing were not created for riders. Pavements and roads are not repaired, the streets are not illuminated you can easily fall into sewage and telecommunication manholes and maim. The specially allocated for parking places are not enough. We hope our actions will attract the City Hall attention and those citizens of Uzhgorod who are not indifferent. That is why in cooperation with public activists we gathered hundreds of signatures under the application to the City Hall – in order to be heard at last.  





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