More hardscaping continues to appear in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

"Uzhgorod-1" bus station on Stantsiyna street is almost turned into a Chinese "Shanghai." Construction works are being actively conducted, sites in once green zone are now covered with concrete and plywood.

As already wrote, the erection of hardscaping at the bus station was commenced illegally in early August.  Then the situation was commented on by the chief city architect Oleksandr Sheba. As it turned out, the kiosks appeared while he was on vacation. As he said, the mayor office permitted to design outlets, but the building project was not approved. So these kiosks were erected without permission. 

While recently the municipality officials claimed that Uzhgorod would be freed from exessive hardscaping, stalls are still being built. As assistant chairman of "Zakarpatavtotrans" Josyp Krechko said, everything is legal and kiosks are for the benefit of people. 


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