Moldovans illegals arrived to the border with Slovakia by taxi

Yesterday on the outskirts of Uzhgorod, border guards detained two men without IDs who wanted to illegally get to Slovakia.  However, they were expected by border guards of "Uzhgorod" unit, who had received the information from the available sources.

The travelers, without resorting to special contrivances, used the services of the taxi, which delivered them out of the regional center. But their plans were destroyed by the joint patrol of border guards and policemen, who were expecting the "guests" on the outskirts of the state border.

Having detected two men, who were marching confidently in the direction of the state border, the border guards detained them. The offenders admitted that they were heading to Slovakia and said that they were citizens of the Republic of Moldova, but did not provide documents to confirm this.

Administrative procedural documents were drawn up against the offenders for trying to illegally cross the border. Decision on their fate will be made in court.

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