MOE warns about the highest grade of fire risk. Tyachiv district dwellers are planning to light the largest fire of Ukraine

Very interesting festival will be held in the village of Lopukhovo, Tyachiv district for the second time on Sunday, August 12. The festival is organized in honor of the local rarity – vodka infused with pine nuts. ‘Brusturyanska kedrovytsya’ is the original idea of local unique product’s popularization, excellent local mountains and 166-hektar of cedar natural reserve, which, as it is said grows only in three places of Ukraine.

However, this holiday mostly for local people, because it is almost impossible to get to this mountain nook of Transcarpathia.

Local authorities decided to go on the record – to light the biggest fire of Ukraine – in order to draw attention. And this is during days when the highest fire risk, the 5th grade was announced in Transcarpathia. Besides, they are going to do it in the place surrounding by forests and wooden structures.

The Head of MIA centers in Transcarpathian region Natalia Batyr informed that the permission for such events is not asked from MOE. The decision makes the local authorities. But the latter may ask the firefighters to come and help in case of emergency. 

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