MOE rescue post will be opened in the village of Nevytske

It is planned to open a permanent seasonal MOE rescue post on the recreation area territory of the village of Nevytske in Uzhgorod district tomorrow. As it was noted today, July 3, during a press conference, by a Head of the Civil Protection Department of MOE Hlib Burkovskiy this is quite famous place of recreation among inhabitants of Uzhgorod, which requires intensive supervision after the holiday-makers.

‘We did not have an opportunity to do this earlier because of the number of problems, but from tomorrow the territory will be under the surveillance. Rescuers and divers with motor boats who will closely monitor the area of ​​water from the base of ‘Skalka’ to the dam near the mill will be on duty there every day. Also, if necessary, rescuers will provide First Aid’.

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