MOE officers will check all entertainment establishments in Transcarpathia

As part of activities to prevent tragedies associated with citizens recreation, throughout Ukraine there will be conducted monitoring and analysis of fire and industrial safety at cultural and entertainment venues, including nightclubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues with the massive presence of people.

Particular attention will be paid to the condition of electrical equipment, escape routes, availability and performance of internal and external fire water, fire protection systems.

The detected breaches at these facilities that pose a threat of fire or prevent its suppression and evacuation of people, as well as facilities, where significant violations will be detected, will be covered in the media

According to the monitoring results, local governments and authorities will receive the information about the status of the fire and industrial safety and appropriate measures to be taken.

Recall, that January 27, 2013, during the cultural and entertainment event in the nightclub "Kiss" (Santa Maria, Brazil) a fire occured, resulting in the deaths of 245 people, 131 people with injuries and burns were taken to hospitals. The reason of so many dead and injured is unsatisfactory fire safety condition at the establishment, as well as lack of knowledge of their duties in case of fire on part of the staff.

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