Mobile application for hearing impaired persons was presented in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

A mobile application that enables hearing impaired people to communicate freely at government institutions, family outpatient clinics, etc. was presented yesterday in the Uzhgorod City Council
Vitaliy Potapchuk, Anton Hulidin, representatives of the project "Country without barriers for hearing impaired", showed how the application works – the translator voices sign language with words and vice versa: translates words into signs. They said that since 2015 they have been developing mobile applications for hearing impaired, including entertainment ones, and, for example, one that allows to call emergency services – police, ambulance, rescuers and others. And the app presented in the Uzhgorod City Council gives the opportunity to communicate at government institutions. People with hearing impairments can activate the program using a QR code.
A representative of the National Police in the Transcarpathian region was also present at the meeting and was interested in the possibilities of giving people with hearing impairments the opportunity to contact them for prompt reporting of crimes.
The developers assure that the application reduces the time by three times compared to writing on a piece of paper and significantly improves efficiency. Members of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf can use the app for free for 20 minutes during a day and use it, say, in stores, or for other needs. It was reported that over the past 2019, 130,000 applications were processed. 
Following the meeting, they signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and agreed on further plans for implementation.


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