Mizhhirya forestry will plant 270 hectares

With the onset of the spring, foresters of the Mizhhirya forestry will take care of planting on previously prepared plots. Soon, more than 270 hectares of new forest will be planted on the territory of the forestry.   

"The last year, forestry workers grew seedlings in nurseries. Mizhhirya forestry has all the necessary resources for the cultivation campaign," – Ivan Barna, the director of SE "Mizhhirya forestry" said.

The total area of ​​the forest fund provided to the enterprise for permanent use for forestry and environmental protection activities amounts to 31513 ha. Forest vegetation covers 29238 hectares of the land, of which 11928 hectares are dominated by coniferous species, 17102 hectares are dominated by hard-wooded broad-leaved species, and only 208 hectares are occupied by soft-wooded broad-leaved species. The total stock of the growing forest is 10501 thousand cubic meters.

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