Mistrust prevents entrants from applying through the internet

As for yesterday evening, July 3, UzhNU received 420 applications from those wishing to study at the full-time form of study and 94 of those who seek to obtain higher education at the extramural. According to the executive secretary of the examining board of UzhNU Andrii Horvat, such figures are quite predictable and do not essentially different from last years.

70 people sent applications by using internet. Among them are the people from Ternopil, Lviv, Rivne and Kirovohrad regions. Although, according to Andrii Horvat, there are also Uzhgorod citizens who use modern means in order to express their intention to get higher education in Uzhgorod National University.

To the question of uzhgorod.in, why the number of students who use the Internet to apply is insignificant, Andrii Horvat said: ‘I think the main reason is that people do not fully trust the electronic communication.’

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