Міська влада підтримала петицію про заборону реклами в історичному центрі Ужгорода (ДОКУМЕНТ)

The Department of Municipal Economy has drafted a decision prohibiting the placement of outdoor advertising within the historical part of Uzhgorod, which will be submitted for the session of the City Council.

This was reported by Uzhgorod city mayor to journalist Vitaliy Glagola, who initiated a ban on advertising in the historic city center which got more than 250 votes required for official consideration.

Now Vitaliy believes that this is "the official victory over advertising in the historic center of Uzhgorod."

"I believed that this could be achieved when making the petition that you supported. Everyone who voted made a contribution to the ban on outdoor advertising in the center of Uzhgorod. It will be slow, because first they have to complete all the procedures, and then have the city lights dismantled. Some of them will be removed after the expiration of the contracts in 2019. But the most important thing in the reply to my petition is the support of the city leadership.

Quote: "Please be informed that, on the instructions of the mayor, the department has already drafted an appropriate decision on the prohibition of the placement of outdoor advertising within the historical part of Uzhgorod," – Glagola wrote in the group "Uzhgorod" on facebook.

Well, we’ll see if they keep their promise.

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