Miracles happen: in Uzhgorod they will be selling star, and giving a fairy tale (+ VIDEO)

Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk is finishing the preparations for his second charity reception, which is again organized in the city for a good cause. Urging residents to build a large playground together, he arranges a feast. 
As part of the reception, which will take place in the form of a social event with entertainment, there will be the traditional auction. Lots will again be special. These are not only exclusive things, but also emotions. So, among other things, Mikolajczyk offers his guests to compete for the day in the chair of Uzhgorod mayor, to win personal (and quite costly!) pen of the Governor, and to have several unique excursions. One of those is the tour of the city roofs with the author of some of the most interesting Uzhgorod excursions Vladyslav Tovtyn, and the ride on a road-building machine. You can also win a master class in skiing or snowboarding from the champion of Ukraine and Olympic team member … 
Also they will offer exclusive wine from the private winemaker Oleksandr Kovacs, who left only 7 bottles of exceptionally successful drink with a fantastic bouquet for his personal collection, and shared it only with Mikolajczyk. Another lot is the personal bench in the rock garden. 
Of course, there will be traditional things "from the workshop of Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk." Thus, the designer Roksolana Novak has prepared a collection of handmade Christmas toys.
The main lots will be related to the goal of the event – those will be the towers of the playground. Sponsor will be able to give a tower the name of their child that will be indicated on a specially decorated bronze plate.  And in continuing the theme of stars and the sky, which will be the central at this year’s event, the final lot of the auction will be … a real star. 
The owner will be able to give a name of his or her choice to a real heavenly body. To see the star, the lot includes a real powerful telescope (it has been tested by Mikolajczyk!), and the owner will also receive a tour of the UzhNU observatory.
And, as befits a magician, Mikolajczyk prepares holiday gifts for guests: about fifty prizes, including romantic dinners, spa treatments, several photo shoots from city photographers, etc. 
But the main prize, which will be raffled among ticket-holders, will be the visit to Finland and a meeting with Santa Claus in his residence in the town of Rovaniemi!
The event will be held on 20.12.2012! – so Mikolajczyk advises to hurry up and order the tickets from his helpers and on his personal page in Facebook.

 Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk’ fairy tale, his good deeds and holidays continue, and everyone can get involved and become part of the story. Mikolajczyk reminds – miracles do happen!


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