Migration service of Transcarpathia: violators will be deported from the country

According to the press office, the migration service of Transcarpathia, at the request of UzhNU, decided to revoke the permit for temporary residence in Ukraine of a citizen of Jordan, who was one of the foreign students involved in the recent incident. Regarding another student, who received the residence permit in Dnipropetrovsk region, a report was sent to the Migration Service of Dnipropetrovsk region to revoke his temporary residence permit. Regarding the third offender, a report of administrative offense was drawn up and a decision was made to deport him to the country of origin with a ban on entry into Ukraine for a term of 3 years.

As you know, three foreign students were expelled from Uzhgorod National University. Law enforcers suspect them of petty hooliganism, and one of them was also driving a vehicle in the state of intoxication. 

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