Migration Service: dual citizenship is to be punished

In February this year a bill of imposing fines for dual citizenship has been introduced for the further consideration by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This document proposes to amend several laws regarding limitations for persons who are simultaneously citizens of Ukraine and another state. In particular, it says that in case of failure or untimely submission by a citizen of Ukraine, who has voluntarily acquired foreign citizenship (nationality), of the statement and a copy of the document which confirms this fact, they will be fined from 170 to 510 hryvnia. If this act involves persons of the state and local authorities, the penalty will be from 850 to 1,700 hryvnia. Also, the bill introduces restrictions for those with dual citizenship to take up posts in law enforcement and other state institutions.

The urgency of this bill for Transcarpathia is obvious. It is no secret that many compatriots along with a Ukrainian passport prefer to have a foreign one too. Adoption of the laws which simplified citizenship for foreign Hungarians and Romanians in neighboring Hungary and Romania is among the encouraging factors of this. (According to the latest census in the region there are 151,000 and 32,000 of them respectively). Therefore, the management of the state migration service in the Transcarpathian region reminds that according to Article 4 of Ukrainian Constitution there is a single citizenship in the state. Moreover, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship of Ukraine" one of the reasons for the loss of Ukrainian citizenship is the person receiving voluntary citizenship of another country, if at the time of such acquisition he or she has reached 18. The loss of Ukrainian citizenship takes place if there is a documentary evidence of the voluntary acquisition of the foreign citizenship. The idea of ​​loss of citizenship is initiated by the migration service units for persons residing on the territory of Ukraine.

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