Migrant workers from Transcarpathia alleviate Hungary’s problem of labor shortages

Economic growth in Hungary in 2015 led to labor shortages. Increasingly often, private and state companies have to solve promblems of staffing their enterprises with skilled workers, the myhungary.net informs. The Association of Employers and Industrialists of Hungary (MGYOSZ) has repeatedly drawn attention to the possibility of attracting workers from neighboring countries – Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine. Despite the language barrier, it should not be ruled out that such a decision can be adopted.

A growing number of Ukrainian migrant workers fill labor shortages in the country. Typically, Ukrainians are employed in construction or harvesting. Several Hungarian companies, in order to attract skilled migrants, try to show a more attractive alternative to working in the Czech Republic or Poland. Typically, workers from Ukraine are ethnic Hungarians or Transcarpathians, who do not have Hungarian roots, but have been living in Transcarpathia since 1950-60s. According to estimates of the Hungarian press, currently 30-40 thousand Ukrainians living in Transcarpathia are working in Hungary.

Since late summer, over a hundred (100-150 people) Ukrainian labor migrants have been working in the company Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt in Jászfényszaru. The company employs Serbs, Romanians and Bosnians.   This enabled the company to alleviate the problem of labor shortages.

The working day is 8 hours. Plant operator can make HUF 124,000 (gross) per month. With maximum available bonuses and overtime payments, based on the average output, the net monthly income is about HUF 110,000.

Representatives of the company praise Ukrainians, noting that the foreigners are good workers.  

Employees enter into contract with the company with a 3-month trial period, after which the contract may be extended, probably for one year. The practice with one-year contract also applies to the Hungarians, so in this regard, the company does not distinguish between workers.

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