Members of the party “United Centre” also call for an extraordinary session due to a “Crown” sale

At today’s (Monday, August 13) meeting of the United Center group in Uzhgorod City Council all the members of this political force, except two, have signed an appeal to convene an extraordinary session of the City Council in order to consider the situation related to the sale of complex "Crown" at Theater Square in Uzhgorod.

 According to the group leader Vasyl Kruchanitsa, the overwhelming majority of deputies supported the initiative of Viktor Baloga, since the sale was not transparent, and the deputies did not even know that it took place.


The press secretary of Uzhgorod Mayor Alla Hayatova said that she could not comment on the possibility to convene an extraordinary session of the City Council, as the Mayor is now on vacation. No one knows if he is going to break off his vacation due to the "Crown". Victor Pogorelov’s vacation ends on August 20.

The Secretary of the City Council Victor Schadey, who could also decide to convene the session is on the vacation as well .

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