Meeting of the transport commission in Uzhgorod City Council: what decision did they make? (PHOTOS)

More than a dozen issues were considered at the yesterday’s meeting of the transport commission in the Uzhgorod City Council. 
The commission members, in particular, upheld the appeal of the patrol police office and decided to close the pedestrian crossing near the intersection of Pidhirna, Tykhy and Zhupanatska streets – because accidents frequently occur there, and there is another crossing a little further, on Sobranetska street, near the store.
They also agreed to move the pedestrian crossing at Slovyanska Embankment, 13 20 meters towards Bohdan Khmelnytsky Square at the expense of a private enterprise that appealed with this issue. In addition, they agreed to install two speed bumps at this address at the applicant’s expense. The company must also install appropriate road signs.
The Department of Municipal Economy of the Uzhgorod City Council was instructed to arrange an access road to the district hospital on Mynaiska Street, to apply marking and install road signs.
The issue of road arrangement and organization of road traffic on Volodymyrska street set out in the collective appeal was taken into account and the Department of Municipal Economy was instructed to plan the work, if possible. The department is also to set up two speed bump near the educational complex Harmonia at Domanynska st., 263.
At the same time, the commission refused to arrange a parking space at Shvabska st., 5/1.
The issue of making changes to the organization of traffic at Ukrainska st., 58 was sent for revision.
Press service of Uzhgorod City Council 

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