Meeting in the format of forum-theater (Announcement)

Forum-theater is a method of interaction with different strata of society aimed at solving social problems. The idea of the forum-theater is to find ways to solve a problem or a way out of a difficult life situation within the proposed topic of the play together with the aufience.

The goal is to promote the implementation of the constitutional rights of the IDPs and their active participation in the development of the community and the country as a whole through the instrument of direct democracy – elections.

Time: 27.12.2017, at 12.00.

Place: library-branch No. 2 of Uzhgorod Central Library

at 8 Bereznya st., 19 in Uzhgorod

Application form for the event is at: Registration will last until 24.12.2017. You must receive confirmation of participation from the organizer.

The event is organized in partnership with the Charity Fund "Center for Public Initiatives", the NGO "Transcarpathia-Donbas", the initiative group #Kirpichka, the Carpathian Human Rights Agency "Vested" and the Uzhgorod City Organization of the Women’s Union of Ukraine. The information was posted on the event Facebook page.

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