Media performance “Albert, or the Highest Form of Execution”

Finally, the premiere of a well-known performance, which has became famouse in Ukraine and Europe, will take place in Uzhgorod.
The agency "ArtPole" presents

Yuriy Andrukhovych – text, voice

Ulyana Gorbachevska – voice

Mark Tokar – double bass, voice

Anatoliy Belov – graphics

vj-group "CUBE" – video

Victor Novozhilov – sound

"Albert" is a brilliant crook. Having ended up in prison as a result of his scams and tricks, he finds out that he has nothing left except his soul. So, he decides to give it to the devil in order to avoid the death penalty. However, the agreement signed with blood does not work.

Entrance ticket is 150 UAH, tel. (067) 112-20-29

September 23, 19.00

Details of the event are HERE

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