Meat processing factory in ruins (PHOTOS)

When you pass by the former meat processing factory on Grushevskogo or  Kapushanska Streets, it seems that this part of Uzhgorod has been struck by a bomb.

Once upon a time, back in 1927, a slaughterhouse was built here, a very modern one for that time. With the time being some new buildings were attached to the old ones, thus, a big meat processing plant was built. People living in the neighborhood were often dissatisfied because of stench. The factory started declining in the early 90’s, and then it finally closed in the early 2000s.

Now it is empty and lies in ruins. We didn’t manage to find out who owns this land. Probably, the owners wanted to dismantle the old walls in order to build something new on its place but they abandoned it half-dismantled. Now concrete slabs are hanging on the fixture and the ceiling in some places rests only on pillars. Since the fence around the slaughterhouse is broken in some places, it is possible that children come to play here. Children’s games around the building, which rests unsafely may not end well.

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