Mayor’s office ask themselves to eliminate spontaneous trade

"Residents are outraged by spontaneous trade on the sidewalk at the corner of Belinsky and Kapushanska streets. They implore authorities to immediately take action and eliminate the spontaneous market." End of the quote.

Such message (the style preserved) with eloquent photograph has been posted on the website of Uzhgorod City Council. It looks at least strange, because it refers to people’s request to the mayor, and not to the actions of the government. However, by disclosing this "cry" of Uzhgorod residents, maybe bureaucrats, who knows, will take responsibility for combating spontaneous trade.

However, no progress in this regard has been noticed in the city: after the new team of local authorities came to power, they for some time were chasing traders from the sidewalks, but now their zeal probably is over, and traders sell milk, cheese and every other trade, even where they had not done it before.


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