Mayor of Uzhgorod Pogorelov said that the city was prepared for the school for 10 million

"Almost 13,000 students, including 1,586 first-graders will go to school tomorrow. Almost every Uzhgorod family will feel that. Visiting schools of the city, I was pleasantly surprised that the staff did everything possible to bring the school premises to normal conditions"- said the Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov at a press conference held today, August 31. 

On Teachers’ Day, those teachers who have done most will be awarded. Nearly 10 million has been invested to prepare for the school year. The government is doing everything so that teachers and students felt comfortable to work, to learn, to acquire knowledge.

"Director of the eighth school showed us significant gains in school preparing. Nearly 1100 students will learn there not only from Uzhgorod, but also from the surrounding villages. I was pleasantly surprised by the situation at school number 20. It can accommodate about 1000 students. Today there is less than 700, so parents who have not yet decided where to send their children can send their children there and get the best conditions," – said the mayor. 

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