May Day is celebrated in 142 countries around the world today

International Workers’ Day is celebrated in 142 countries. In Ukraine, May 1st and 2nd are days off. May 1st is traditionally used for rallies and demonstrations, during which political demands are put forward. In the Russian capital, for example, asт Correspondent writes, nearly 120,000 people are involved in the march of trade unions.

In the Ukrainian capital, RBK reports, Communists, Socialists and United Left and Farmers are also planning to celebrate May Day with demonstrations.

The majority of Ukrainians use the holiday as an excuse for a picnic, May trips and trips to a summer house in the country. Even the Ukrainian prime minister said a large number of weekends (May Days last 4 days) is economically disadvantageous. On the other hand, as UNIAN  reports, Mykola Azarov is convinced that a "good host at all times on holidays is busy with some work".

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