Mass cycling race to be held in Uzhgorod

The season opening of nightriders’ races on Theatre Square will be held on April 22 at 7 p.m. Last races were exclusively entertaining where participants were enjoying their time, developing the collective city movement or discovering something new and extreme.

The spring sports event program is special because the organizers will hold a social photo action event during the race, where they are going to put forward three urgent issues: the street illumination, sewage and telecommunication manholes and secure parking.

The absence of illumination affects not only the night riding amateurs. The dark streets scare city residents and tourists of the region too. Sewages and telecommunication manholes are also a delicate issue in Uzhgorod. Despite the fact that mass media has focused their attention on this many times, the problem is still not solved. The parking spaces, which are not so many in Uzhgorod, are also the part of this mix. What concerns cycling paths, according to cyclists, the city is not appropriate for it but authorities are supposed to repair pavements, edgings and roads.

Besides the complaints about authorities the organizers of ‘Night Ride’ will hold a kind of briefing for cyclists too. The riding culture should correspond with certain standards.

The organizers of ‘Night Ride’ believe that Uzhgorod deserves the rank of cycling capital. It is just necessary to make some efforts.  

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