Markets in Uzhgorod will be trading subject to compliance with anti-epidemic requirements

The rules for conducting trade in foodstuffs at the agro-food markets of Uzhgorod have been determined today by the order of the supervisor for emergency relief works.

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dd. 11.03.2020 No. 211 "On prevention of the spread of COVID-19 acute respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Ukraine" as amended by the Government Resolution No. 313 dd. April 29, the operation of agro-food markets is allowed subject to compliance with the anti-epidemic requirements established by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine.

During the quarantine, the City Office of the Main Department of the State Consumer Service in Transcarpathian region, shall ensure that daily unscheduled inspections of the Uzhgorod agro-food markets for compliance with anti-epidemic requirements are carried out and that at least 2 inspectors are present at the market during the working hours.

Market managers must admit workers, vendors, and visitors to the agro-food market only if they are wearing medical masks or respirators and after undergoing contactless temperature screening; must ensure that there is an antiseptic dispenser at each market entrance. The number of visitors present at the market simultaneously must not exceed one buyer per 10 square meters of retail space. The distance between the workplaces of the sellers must be at least 3 meters, and the trading venues must be equipped with protective plastic film between the sellers and buyers. Contact surfaces must be disinfected every 3 hours, cleaning and disinfection of all premises,including fixed retail locations must be disinfected at the end of each business day. Another condition is no uncontrolled (unauthorized) trade in the territory adjacent to the agro-food market.

Uzhgorod city office of the Main Department of the State Consumption Service in Transcarpathian region, together with Uzhgorod department of Main Office of the National Police in Transcarpathian region, the department of the municipal guard of Uzhgorod city council will continue monitoring inspections for observance of the health legislation, – the press service of Uzhgorod City Council informed.

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