M.Dorohovych: I can travel in the Ukrainian Carpathians only in winter (photos)

Transcarpathian photographer by profession and a traveler by vocation Mykhailo Dorohovych gets inspiration, energy and fun, making trips to the mountains. His "collection" includes the Caucasus, the Altai, the Kamchatka, the Pamir. From his travels he brings experience, photos and impressions.

For example, according to Mykhailo, the Caucasus is greatness, the Altai is space, and the Kamchatka is dynamics. But, perhaps, the most controversial impressions the traveler gets from the Carpathian mountains, which he has conquered almost in all directions and which he likes very much. However, these travels have one peculiarity: Mykhailo Dorohovych travels in the Ukrainian Carpathians only in the winter.

"Debris, plastic, cut down forests – these images leave depressing impressions. So I can go to the Ukrainian Carpathians only in winter, when snow masks those horrible scars," – M.Dorohovych says.

Read about the impressions, thoughts, and see the photos from the outstanding person in the interview with uzhgorod.in.


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